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WARNING: Things aren't magically going to Get Better. What's trapping you in your business & stagnating your growth will only get worse until you make a change!

I can help you If...

  • You spend your whole day working IN the business instead of ON it.
  • You haven't had a proper vacation in years because it feels like if you stepped away for even a weekend everything would immediately fall apart.
  • ​Your business is starting to slow down, and you don't know why.
  • ​You started this whole thing to get more freedom & flexibility, and instead are feeling increasingly trapped by your business.
  • ​​​You feel like you are the only one pushing things forward, and your team is constantly coming to you for everything.
  • ​​Balls are getting dropped, wires getting crossed, and these mistakes are starting to cost you more and more time & money.
  • ​​You want to continue scaling your business, but you don't know what that looks like or what the next steps are.
    Jhana Li, Keynote Operations Speaker to 100 7-Figure Entrepreneurs
    "A company can seize extra-ordinary opportunities only if it is very good at the ordinary operations." - Marcel Herrmann Telles 
    Hi, I'm Jhana Li
    I help digital entrepreneurs scale their businesses, their visions & their impact.
    Over the past 4 years, I've been:
    • COO of two separate companies (both of which scaled past 7-figures)
    • Led 100% remote teams of over 20 employees
    • Ops Consultant to dozens of 7-figure online business
    • Ops Coach to hundreds more!
    360° OPS SERVICE
    We help you solve precisely 1 problem: 

    Matching you to the exact Operational expertise you need to
    sustainably scale your business & hit your goals. 

    There's a few ways we solve that problem... 


    Our DFY Hiring service offers you a pool of experienced Operators who are custom-matched to your company's needs, goals, and culture.

    Candidates undergo 6 rigorous filtration systems before they even hop on a call with you -- all you have to do is meet them & tell us which one you like the most!

    The best part? If they don't work out in the first 30 days, we'll continue working with you until you find the perfect candidate!


    Already have an Operator-In-Hiding on your team? 

    Give them the skills, knowledge & resources they need to step fully into an Ops leadership position with one of our training programs: Ops Manager Academy & COO Academy

    Our programs are for Operators, by Operators, designed to equip students with the best practices, actionable templates, and a dedicated support community to become an Operational cornerstone in your business. 

    Put them in the role, give them the training, and watch how they immediately start to execute changes in your business to FINALLY get you out of the weeds and focused on growing your business.


    Ever gotten a multi-point inspection for your car? We've built that...for your business.

    During our Ops Inspection, we pop the hood on your company and analyze it top-to-bottom across 6 key pillars. 

    At the end of a full week of rigorous analysis, we present you a final diagnostic report.

    This report breaks down every single Operational bottleneck across your business, and provides you with the step-by-step gameplan to clear those obstacles over the next 12 months so your business can reach it's goals.


    Want our help designing & executing the solutions to clear your bottlenecks? Our team of expert consultants dive into your business with you, to execute your growth gameplan week-over-week.

    Our consulting is always customized to your needs, and can be as minimal as a 1:1 executive consult call each week, or as rigorous as our experts stepping in to execute Operational projects directly with your team. 

    Note: This service is invite-only, we only offer it to a handful of clients, and we will ALWAYS run an Ops Inspection first to make sure this is truly the right solution for your business.
    Regardless of whether you are ready to hire an operator, want to elevate your current team member, or simply want clarity around what it's going to take to get your business to the next level — me and my team are here to help!
    "I feel like I just had a 1000-pound backpack taken off of me. 
    The clarity, vision, and simplicity that I received was amazing. Thank you!"
    Jhana helped me let go, delegate faster, move quicker, really step up to be the owner of my company, and get out of the way of my team so they can take us to the next level
    Jhana was able to help us slow down, build systems and processes that completely removed the overwhelm and the feeling of being stuck — and build it so that we're ready to scale and grow
    I genuinely believe that Jhana was sent from heaven and placed on this Earth to transform the lives of business owners
    Jhana helped us scale our operations, and team, and leadership — and that's really what it takes to be a multiple 8-figure entrepreneur
    Jhana is totally undercharging for the value she delivers... and she over-delivers in every single thing we could have asked.
    Not only has Jhana helped me with the mental of gymnastics of holding multiple executive roles, but our team has also developed into better leaders and started taking some of those things off my plate
    On your FREE 30-min discovery call with me, I take the time to truly understand the pain points in your business, add as much value as I can right there on the call, and provide clarity on the next steps you need to take to continue scaling your company.


    What exact challenges & drains are you experiencing day-to-day? What are the root causes & gaps behind them? 

    I will help you understand exactly WHY you are experiencing those problems, and the solutions needed to fix them.


    My goal is to help you as much as I can directly on the call. Maybe that looks like us working together through one of my services, maybe it's connecting you with someone in my network, or maybe we can just crack the code and get it knocked out.

    However I can help, I will.


    There is no "right" way to grow a business, there is just YOUR way. What are YOUR goals, and YOUR definition of success?

    Cool, now let's get clear on the immediate next steps you need to take to build THAT.
    Ready to finally get the clarity you need?
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